B71 movie review: Vidyut Jammwal breaks his ‘action hero’ image in entertaining spy thriller


IB71 is a spy thriller based on a true story of a secret mission that prevented a deadly attack on India before the 1971 war. Vidyut Jammwal plays an IB officer who hijacks an Indian plane in Pakistan to block the Indian airspace. The film is an engaging thriller that showcases Jammwal’s acting skills and celebrates the unsung heroes of Indian history.

Vidyut Jammwal has recently worked on his dialogue delivery and acting skills too. The man in his recent few films has managed to balance the action with his words, literally!

Though the first half of the film feels a bit sluggish, it is sometime apt to build the tension.

The tension so built aptly pays off in the engaging and taut second half which is where the real film starts.

Viewers must catch it to know more on such hidden chapters of Indian history. Kudos to the director Sankalp for bringing a great story in front of the masses.

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