Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli: ‘we have no interest in being awake at 3 am’


Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma and cricketer hubby Virat Kohli are one among the most adored celebrity couples of the nation. The duo never shies away from professing their love for each other recently made quite an appearance at a leading sports award show while looking their glam best.

At the red carpet of the show, the couple were asked whether they have a 3 am friend in their lives. Anushka replied, “If either of us is awake at 3 am then we call (a friend) but we don’t want to be awake at 3 am. We sleep very early, so we have no interest in being awake at 3 am.”

The couple follows a calm lifestyle are known to excuse themselves from late night parties and soirées as they prefer an early night. On this, Anushka recently told “It’s not an excuse, its the reality that when you have a child then you can’t be so social. But we are actually quite happy because we like normal stuff, spending time at home. We don’t even get to spend that much time with each other. So, when we get that time, we want to spend it like a family.

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