I am competing with myself and not with others: Partha



Partha Sarthi Ray is among those selected actors who always love to experiment with diversified roles.

From Hello Arsi to Phalguna Chaitra, Ray has done different characters and never tried to be portrayed with the same image. He is now ready with his new movies– Dear Purusha and Trikanya.

Talking to Odia Celebrity, Partha said,” I am not in competition with anyone but myself. I always want go do good stories everytime. I also don’t want to be stuck with any group or channel and will love to work independently. This can give me freedom to choose”

Talking about his new movies, he said, “Dear Purusha produced by Jhilik Bhattacherjee is a very special movie. It talks about men’s right importance while Trikanya directed by recent national award movie Pratiskhya director Anupam Patnaik is an anthology movie about lust and greed.”

Partha said both the movies are different from each other and so is his role. Both the movies have huge ensemble of star cast.

Dear Purusha will be released likely in December while Trikanya will release in January 2024.

Talking about his decade long journey in the film industry, that started in 2013 with Nai Separi Kanaka Gori, Partha said that at the beginning he did some movies but he was not getting that type of roles which he wanted. So, he took a break. He added that  after his 2018 movie Hello Arsi directed by Late Sambit Mohanty, won national award, he started getting good roles.

About the current situation in the industry, Partha said that the situation is very unfortunate and can be avoided. “We must understand that this situation is bringing the Odia movie industry down and that is not good,” he said.

Partha in Dear Purusha

Partha added that the industry people must understand that fighting within themselves and making it a political matter would do no good to anybody. “We have many issues to solve such as distribution of films, cinema halls number which needs attention,” he said.

About future projects, he said ” Apart from Dear Purusha and Trikanya there is another movie Dahaan an horror movie also directed by Anupam Patnaik. I am also shooting for another movie directed by Manas Sahoo.”

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