Adirpurush’s Kumbhakarna too irked with movie dialogues


Actor Lavi Pajni who played the role of Kumbhakarna in the latest film Adipursh has joined the league of people who have slammed the film for its non-coherent dialogues. In his latest interview to a news channel, Pajni explained that while doing the film, as the shooting was done in fragments, actors like him were not aware about the whole outcome.

He has expressed his displeasure over the movie dialgoues and said that a Hindu, his sentiments were heart too. He said that as actors are confined to contracts during the shooting of the film they are bound to act without thinking about how exactly the whole film would look like.

Adipurush has now been slammed by several actors and had been doing bad at the box-office due to several controversial dialogues which accordingly was not in sync with the famous epic Ramayana.

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