Actress Nargis Fakhri is excited to be back.


Mumbai: The very beautiful Nargis Fakhri could never quite find a footing in the Hindi film industry the last time she was here. But she is back now.
“I am very excited to be back,” the American actress, who mostly works in Hindi movies, recently told a news portal.

It’s been difficult for her to stay in one country, says the actress.

“I will always be a gypsy and a global citizen. But that doesn’t mean I have to leave Bollywood to be that. On my time off I will still travel the world. And since I’m so global I do work in other countries as well which gives me that opportunity to keep traveling,” she adds.
To those who want to sign her for Hindi films, Nargis is very much a Mumbaikar now.
“I am also based in Mumbai, even though I’m always traveling I am also there. Many people think I’m abroad, but I do have a space in Mumbai to call home as well,” quips the Rockstar actress.
Stating about her career, she concludes, “I am very happy with the choices I made in life and in my career so I do not feel that anything has harmed it. I feel blessed that I was lucky to be able to be a nomadic human. It’s a great learning experience and keeps one resilient and flexible in life.”

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