AAONXT announce plans to launch nine exclusive contents


Bhubaneswar: AAONXT, the premier Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming platform in Eastern India, is excited to announce its plans to launch nine exclusive content offerings on its platform throughout the year.

With a commitment to providing top-quality entertainment and catering to the diverse preferences of their audiences, AAONXT aims to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience, with original and award-winning movies like Adieu Goddard, Khyanika, Runanubandha, Dalchini and more in Bengali and Odia, revolving around genres of social drama and satire. They recently released SUKA BHAI RA SHOLAY, another award-winning movie.

As the popularity of OTT platforms continues to soar, AAONXT has emerged as a frontrunner in the East Indian market.

With a user-friendly interface, a vast library of content, and an emphasis on regional entertainment, AAONXT has captured the hearts of millions of viewers across the region.

The nine exclusive content offerings slated for release this year will encompass a wide range of genres, including drama, romance, thriller, comedy, and more. AAONXT recognizes the importance of local storytelling and plans to showcase captivating narratives that resonate with the cultural fabric of East India. Movies like Dalchini, Prahelika Adieu Goddard, Jajabara 2.0, Maliput Melodies, Khyanika, Runanubandha & Dasyu Ranjan (Motion Comics) will feature acclaimed actors, talented directors, and skilled production teams, ensuring a high-quality visual and storytelling experience for viewers.

The recently released, Suka Bhai Ra Sholay revolves around A young man Suka of Buguda of Odisha, who tries ways to brush off body shaming. Amongst the upcoming releases, Adieu Goddard is a high-intensity drama which speaks of an old man addicted to porn, and how he accidentally brings a DVD with a Goddard film, Jajabara 2.0  revolves around how a taxi driver and passenger, being strangers, open up about their criminal past and how they choose to deal with it differently, Maliput Melodies is a bunch of heart-rendering stories about rural Orissa, that celebrates the beauty of life and its unexpected tragedies and turns, Dalchini the film explores a daughters search for her father in the metropolis of Kolkata and how she gets trapped between emotional complexities and simplicity.

Khyanika is a drama which is driven by a fantasy of two men, a poet and a painter while Dasyu Ranjan which is a motion comic, is named after Dasyu Ranjan, the protagonist and is a gripping tale of a remorseless spree of eliminating amoral and scrupulous elements at the helm of the society. Each movie comprises rich content, impeccable characterization by highly talented artists and a distinct storyline to keep users entertained and engrossed.

“We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of nine exclusive content offerings on AAONXT,” said Kaushik Das, Founder and CEO of AAONXT.

“We are passionate and avid creators of content for our viewers with a goal of bringing engaging and captivating content that caters to our audiences all over the globe. AAONXT has worked closely with talented industry professionals to curate an exciting lineup of shows and movies that will entertain and enthral our audience. These exclusive releases will further solidify AAONXT’s position as the go-to platform for exceptional regional entertainment,” he said.

Ram Patnaik, the co-founder of AAONXT was quoted as saying, “AAONXT remains committed to fostering a strong relationship with their viewers and supporting the local film and television industry. Through strategic collaborations and partnerships with renowned production houses and independent filmmakers, AAONXT aims to bring forth compelling narratives that resonate with East Indian and global audiences.

As the OTT market continues to evolve, AAONXT consistently enhances its platform to ensure seamless streaming, personalized recommendations, and an immersive viewing experience for its users. The upcoming exclusive content releases will further enhance AAONXT’s diverse library and provide subscribers with a captivating selection of entertainment choices.

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